STEM education is becoming an increasingly popular topic within the government, education system, and workforce.  Government officials and organizations across the country are realizing the importance of STEM education and how a lack thereof can negatively impact our future economy.  Initiatives are slowly being put in place to improve and increase the funding toward STEM education programs; government officials are organizing plans, while many organizations, such as alliantgroup, contribute by funding STEM scholarships and donations.  Consider these benefits of investing in STEM education:

Create Innovative Thinkers

The world we live in essentially revolves around STEM; in fact, you would be hard pressed to find something that didn’t somehow involve STEM to some extent.  From the use of smartphones and computers to the advancement of modern medicine, we experience STEM-related activities every single day.  Despite our everyday use of electronics, many adults feel as if they don’t have a firm understanding of topics within the STEM sector, and many students struggle with subjects such as science and math.  Investments in the future of STEM education will improve and increase the number of STEM programs offered throughout the country.

Build Futures for the Next Generation

Today’s children and adolescents are the foundation of our future in business and the economy.  STEM jobs are rapidly increasing in the workforce, and employers are viewing STEM candidates as valuable company assets.  STEM Education programs will assist in adequately training students to prepare them with the necessary skills to enter into and excel in a STEM-based career.  Increasing STEM opportunities will not only improve our economy but continue to build new and stable jobs for the next generations approaching the workforce.

Improve Global Ranking

Though the United States essentially functions on the use of STEM, statistically, the U.S has drastically fallen behind in science and math education, as well as college completion.  By investing in STEM education and thus improving and increasing the programs offered, we can ultimately contribute to improving the country’s global ranking. It’s imperative to American business that we can compete with other developed countries, globally.  Specialized STEM education programs can work hand-in-hand with the increase of STEM jobs; ultimately improving our global ranking and economy as a society.

If your company is struggling to find qualified STEM candidates, take the initiative in offering scholarships, or donating to local STEM education programs.