When you hear “computer science,” you probably think about web and software design. For every two well-known career options for a given major, there is at least one oddity that can be thrown into the mix. If you’re looking into computer science careers but want something unique, here are four unusual options.

Video Game Designer

From Nintendo to Sega, Xbox to Atari, video games have taken over mainstream pop culture. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name at the end credits of a game, consider a career in video game design. This job is code-heavy, with tasks including puzzle creation, character design, and debugging. A computer science degree will provide much-needed background in writing code and spotting errors. Some institutions even have video game design concentrations that fall under the computer science major.

Machine Learning Engineer

Fascinated by the fast-growing world of artificial intelligence? Huge companies like Apple are on the lookout for up-and-coming machine learning engineers (MLEs). This career path bridges communication between data and the scientists that use it, with MLEs writing code and utilizing various software to get the job done. It’s a job where you—and your technology—learn as you grow. While the word “engineer” is in the job title, a computer science degree is the best path for any aspiring AI expert.

Storm Tracker

Even if you don’t major in atmospheric or space science, a job as a storm tracker or chaser is well within reach. Storm chasing requires advanced equipment that collects vast amounts of data, and much of the job—while done on the road—is technologically based. A storm tracker with a computer science background can easily navigate miles of code to translate pertinent data. It may help to have a small background in meteorology, but this team-oriented job means that people can bring all sorts of skills to the table. If you’re an extroverted computer scientist with an adventurous spirit, this might be the career for you. 

Ethical Hacker

“Ethical hacker” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s a viable career option for any computer scientist who wants to use their skills for good. Instead of breaking into websites and mining for data, ethical hackers work with a company to check their firewall and software for potential weaknesses. This path requires additional certification, but if you’ve successfully obtained a computer science degree, the certification shouldn’t be much trouble..