STEM Education has been something that’s been discussed throughout this blog on multiple
occasions. The importance of STEM in the education and job market is drastically rising, and
one of the most crucial components in the STEM world is the educators that are shaping the
minds of students and teaching them about the world of STEM. A great resource for educators
over the years has been TED Talks. Informative short videos covering various topics talked
about by experts within different industries. For educators focusing on STEM curriculums and
initiatives, here are a few STEM-based TED Talks that are perfect for educators and their

STEM Education: Developing 21st Century Problem Solvers
This segment focuses on the overall importance of STEM education and how it’s helping
develop students into real problem solvers. Educator, Rob Stephenson, goes over different
strategies that focus on how to bring STEM into the classroom, and how it can benefit students.
He further explains how parents, mentors, and educators can foster STEM training, and
students desire to learn.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Engineers
Engineer, Debbie Sterling, is the highlight of this TED Talk where she covers topics surrounding
women in STEM, specifically Engineering. Sterling is a successful engineer and founder; her
company develops toys that are designed to spark students with an interest in Engineering. She
speaks about the large gender gap in the STEM field and how women can contribute the
“female perspective” to various STEM-related industries.

Building Blocks that Blink, Beep, and Teach
Building Blocks that Blink, Beep, and Teach, is a popular STEM-based Ted Talk that focuses on
electronic building blocks called LittleBits, that are designed to teach kids about fields such as
science, technology, design, and engineering. Ayah Bdeir is an artist and engineer that
developed these blocks to help inspire kids and students about STEM. To her, it’s about
empowerment and helping develop a spark for STEM learning. Each block is color-coded with a
specific purpose (input, output, etc.) to help users learn the right ways to apply and build them

How Art, Technology, and Design Inform Creative Leaders
The former president of the Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda, speaks in this STEM-
based TED Talk. He discusses various topics surround STEM, STEAM, and his personal
experiences in the related fields over his lifetime as a professional. Maeda has had multiple
experiences from computer technologies to art and design, and he discussed how each of them
has helped to shape his career as a leader in STEM.