The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field is growing as STEM education is
expanding from a specialized curriculum to lessons that students are beginning to see regularly.
Additionally, as STEM curriculum is becoming more of a regular lesson plan for many schools,
STEM careers are also on the rise. Students are now faced with various career opportunities
surrounding the STEM field that are not only exciting but also tend to pay well. What are some
of the top STEM career paths for 2019?

Software Engineer
Engineering as a whole is a huge part of STEM, and the training that students receive in STEM-
based programs. From software to electrical, a profession in engineering takes a substantial
amount of training but can be very rewarding in the end. To be specific, software engineering is
a high paying career that is currently in high demand. As technology continues to shape our
society, and the careers that are offered, software engineers have become extremely valuable
and employable. Tech companies such as Google, for example, seek highly skilled software
engineers that are well versed in programming, building applications, and creating innovative
ways to accomplish various tech projects within the industry. These analytical and systematic
thinkers are extremely valuable to the tech world, and generally, require a STEM-based degree
or formal training to get started.

A career that we’ve talked about in past blogs, cybersecurity, is a massive part of today's
technology world, and the ever evolving world of data and data protection. Similar to that of a
software engineer, cybersecurity experts are in extremely high demand, as various industries
are continuing to adopt digital ways of storing and managing sensitive and fully confidential
information. A cybersecurity expert may focus on areas such as security architecture and
programming, ethical hacking, or penetration testing, and digital forensics and data protection. A
student seeking an opportunity in this field may have a formal Information Technology degree or
a wide variety of certifications that have trained them in multiple areas.

Data Scientist
A data scientist is an individual that can focus on and run through numbers and statistics with
ease. Individuals embarking on a career path as a data scientist are likely well versed in
mathematics and interpreting various forms of statistical data; it’s a profession focused on the
extraction and interpretation of complicated data sets.

Medical Doctor/Registered Nurse
Medical professionals are always in high demand, and always require a significant amount of
schooling, and testing, to obtain a position in the field. While a competitive and challenging
career market, a medical professional can specialize in various areas that all directly impact the
lives of their patients. Students looking into the field of medicine need have significant training in
science and math and various other areas that will directly pertain to what they will specialize in.
It’s a competitive, but extremely rewarding career choice.