Generosity doesn’t always have a monetary value. With the rise of flash-funding and large corporate donations, it can certainly feel like money is the only option for giving in today’s society. However, there are plenty of ways to make a difference that doesn’t hit the wallet, ways to leave a lasting impression to those in need.

Perform a random act of kindness

The first is a simple random act of kindness. From a smile and a kind word to being grateful for everyday occurrences, it’s easy to show appreciation and give back in meaningful ways. It’s hard to determine the type of day that someone is experiencing. A well-placed kind word can change someone’s whole outlook. Bringing a meal to someone in need is also a thoughtful gesture that would be appreciated. Even just taking the time to pick up litter makes a difference. It’s the small things that add up to a larger, better whole.

Volunteer your time and effort

Volunteering is another way to make a positive impact. Time is precious, and spending time giving back to the community is worth more than a dollar shoved in a bucket. Set aside time for others, look for homeless shelters that need volunteers or visit a nursing home or children’s hospital. Volunteer to tutor at local community centers, give time to outreach programs. People need to feel loved, appreciated, cared for. Taking the time to show someone else they matter is a kindness that resets a world-weary soul.

Donate what you don’t use, need, or want

Plenty of people have unused items in their household. Clothes they don’t wear, toys no longer played with, even small appliances like toasters or mixers just lay around waiting to be used. If things are not being used, then why not donate them? Plenty of charitable organizations work with donated items. Take the clothes not being worn, make way for new toys by donating old, unused ones. In almost every city there are food donation centers and coat boxes, sometimes even blanket and sock drives, to help the homeless. This is a simple way to help the local community.

Giving back doesn’t require money, just a bit of time and effort. It is worth every second of time spent to make the world a little better for everyone.