Those who have a certain skill set are able to put their skills to good use. With a computer, mobile device, and Internet connection many volunteer positions can be filled. It can also involve offering certain services over the phone.

There are many ways in which people can become a virtual volunteer. The convenience of being able to do so makes it easier for many who may not be able to offer their services otherwise. Virtual volunteers often work as website designers or by dabbling in data entry. Managing and marketing a business through email is another common activity.

Non-profit organizations will often use volunteers to make phone calls asking for donations. These are also the people that help an organization with its social media marketing and platforms.

One reason why this type of unpaid work has become more popular is that a growing number of companies are allowing their staff to work remotely. Even charities will often have onsite as well as offsite volunteers.

In the past, volunteers had to go to an organization in order to offer their services. But with the public availability of the Internet, starting in the 1990s, there were suddenly new ways that volunteers could offer support.

Since 1995 virtual volunteers have been a part of many industries. At that time, these people were taking on tasks that had always been assigned to paid employees before. The original online volunteer organization has now evolved into a database called Volunteer Match.

Some real-life examples of new ways to volunteer include the counting of penguins for a site called Zooniverse. The counting is done by those who have the knowledge of a scientist but don’t actually work ss one. Another example is the Smithsonian Institution, which uses volunteers to help bring historical documents to museum visitors.

Becoming a virtual volunteer come with a plethora of benefits, including the fulfillment of educational milestones and finding a healthy outlet to use one’s interests and skills in order to help others. These benefits are long-lasting.